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Tekruiter Contacts Extension

Tekruiter Contacts Extension
For Google Chrome

Step 1

To download and install our Tekruiter Extension, simply open Google Chrome and click the vertical dots icon in the top right corner.

Look for the expandable menu label MORE TOOLS and click on the item labeled EXTENSIONS.

Step 2

A new tab will open which will be displaying the default extensions installed in Chrome Browser.

Go all the way down the page and click on GET MORE EXTENSIONS link in the bottom. This will open Google Web Store in a new tab.

Step 3

Write TEKRUITER in the search box in the top left corner and press ENTER on your keyboard.

Step 4

Tekruiter Contacts Extension will be displayed on the right side.

Click on the blue button labeled ADD TO CHROME.

Step 5

A dialogue box will open confirming to add Tekruiter Contacts Extension to Chrome. Simply click ADD EXTENSION button in the bottom of that dialogue box.

Step 6

This will install Tekruiter Contacts Extension to Chrome and will display another confirmation dialogue box that Extension has been added. Close this dialogue box by clicking the close button on top right corner.

Tekruiter Contacts Extension has now been added to chrome for use and its icon will appear on top right corner of your browser.

How to Use Tekruiter Contacts Extension

Whenever you go to any job portals such as or and sign in using your login information, search for the candidates, by clicking on any candidate contact will automatically enable this extension and that candidate’s data will automatically be crawled to this extension which you can save in your account for future reference.

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