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Resume/CV Posting

Create your profile in four quick and easy steps. If you choose, your profile can remain confidential—without your contact information visible, which allows you look for a job without compromising your current employment.

Your profile is integrated with other job boards such LinkedIn, Indeed, Net Temps and others. You can review posted positions from other portals, save jobs on your easy-to-navigate dashboard and even share jobs via email with your friends. Plus, you’ll receive email notifications when potential employers view your profile. Tekruiter is a highly-secure site and encrypted with 256-bit SSL. is web-responsive. Access on any device.

Job Posting

Easy from login to finding the right candidate, employers enjoy all the benefits of Tekruiter’s local IT talent portal. Creating your profile is quick and easy. Your employer dashboard does it all—it lists jobs posted and candidates saved, it even keeps your calendar and list of things to do. Once you post a job, matching potential candidates in your database will be automatically alerted, saving you time and effort.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Tekruiter’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is state-of-the-industry, and its an easy switch from other ATS systems.

Once you post a job, matching candidates are notified. You can save and organize internal and as well as external candidates, receive alerts including notification when a candidate becomes available or a candidate registers with a desired skill set. Tekruiter integrates with other job boards. With one click, organize candidates by grade, skill and status. You can short-list potential employees or forward them to interested colleagues. With our Advance Resume Search feature, pinpoint candidates using key word searches to find the perfect fit for any job’s requirements.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Tekruiter’s Customer Relationship Management system provides ease in contact management, calendar and scheduling—from any device. Receive email alerts for your next contact, create a profile for each contact and make notes. Plus you’ll receive reminders of all your tasks with Tekruiter’s easy-to-manage to-do list feature.

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