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Tekruiter Contacts Extension

Tekruiter Contacts Extension
For Microsoft Outlook

Download for MS-Office: v2007 v2010 v2013-2016

Step 1

To install our Tekruiter Contacts Add-on for MS-Outlook, download your version compatible setup through the following links.

Once you download the setup, double click on it for installation.

Step 2

Setup will then install the add-on for you and will display a confirmation message once the installation will be successful.

Step 3

After installation, when Outlook will be opened, Tekruiter Contact Add-on will ask for authentication.

In case if you close the authentication window accidently, you can always click on red sheild icon button on top to bring it back.

Step 4

Input the fields and its configuration on the Outlook is complete.The red sheild button will turn green.

Once you will open any email in Outlook which will contsain the candidate resume, Tekruiter Add-on will automatically show up and will ask you to store the resume in your ATS.

Once, confirmed, you candidate particular will be automatically added to the system.

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