Applicant Tracking System

When we meet and connect with HR representatives, we hear about a number of frustrations around the hiring process. From the start of the process, many HR professionals talk about the tediousness of hiring a candidate. They often have to use multiple systems, sort through paper files, and send numerous emails back and forth, while also responsible for their other day-to-day tasks.

Tekruiter has a solution for you! We have developed a proprietary Applicant Tracking System. This industry changing ATS allows you to easily switch from an older, outdated system you might currently be using. We hear three common asks from our HR professionals:

1: Can your ATS track both internal and external candidates?

Yes, our Applicant Tracking System allows you to save, organize, and track candidates through the whole hiring process; both internal and external candidates.

2: How do I know when a qualified candidate becomes available?

We have a proprietary system that has the ability to notify you when a candidate who meets your qualifications for any given position becomes available. This function is extremely useful and allows a hiring manager to fill open positions in less time and with higher quality candidates.

. I have to print off all of the resumes so I can rank them in order of qualifications. Do you have a way to help me save paper?

Our ATS allows you to organize candidates by rank or grade, skill and status with only one click. You no longer have a need to print off each resume to rank them by hand

We strongly encourage you to contact us for more information about our Applicant Tracking System and how it might benefit your company. Tekruiter strives to meet the needs of today’s job seekers and hiring professionals alike.