Tips on Writing a Resume

Most people have written a resume at least once in their life, but most of us don’t keep it up to date until we need to apply for a new job. Sometimes, you need to update it really quick because an opportunity that comes up that's too good to pass up. When that happens, common mistakes are made that will negatively affect your chances of getting the job.

Here are the top 3 items that every resume writer needs to remember:
1. First and foremost DO NOT have TYPOS or Grammatical ERRORS We at Tekruiter talk with numerous HR professionals, and when we ask “what is the number one thing that will have you pass on a candidate based on their resume alone”, they overwhelmingly replied, “typos or grammatical errors”. Our suggestion is to double check the spelling and have a friend or family member proofread your resume to try and catch any mistakes you may have missed.

2. Your resume is cluttered or visually hard to follow When you write your resume, take some time to research online the proper form and spacing that other resumes have for comparison. You will find many different layouts and some will flow evenly, and others will be cramped together and harder to read. If yours is hard to follow, it may subconsciously make the reader think or feel that way about you.

3. You spotlight duties instead of accomplishments You may think that listing the basic day to day duties that you did are what a hiring manager wants to see, but it doesn’t properly portray what you learned or any skills you may have learned.
Ex: You could say, filed papers and took notes at meetings. Or you could say, I use a host of Microsoft office tools to take weekly meeting notes, compile them, and electronically file other important documents.

If you have questions or need help with resume writing, there are several online resources available or contact your local library as they usually have free resume writing help or can direct you where to go.

When you have your resume written and are ready to look for your next job in the vast world of IT, upload it to our job seekers area at!