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Employers can source candidates using our own job board, or one of our integrated job boards. Organize candidates using our state of the art Applicant Tracking System.

Onboarding Management
Itemized and prioritized lists of items to be completed before placement.

Interview Management
Schedule interviews faster and send requests with a single click.

Candidate Management
Keep track of your applicants and candidates so that you are always on top of your recruiting game.

Dashboards and Reporting
Be informed! Track your company’s performance and activity.

Resume Parsing
Import resumes into your very own database with just a click. You never have to manually type or attach anything….EVER.

Integrated Communications
Organize your meetings, and communications with your clients. Never miss out on potential opportunities.

Powerful Search Tools
More specific targeted search so you only see the candidates who meet your company’s needs.

Job Posting
Unlimited job posting to attract talent.

Job Board
Source talent and hire the brightest and more qualified candidates.

Applicant Tracking System
A streamlined way to manage your entire recruiting process. Get more done in an organized manner.


Job seekers can use our job board to attract employers and companies in their targeted search areas by creating their own virtual professional profiles. Job seekers are in control of managing the applications process and who their information is visible to.

Save Job Searches
Pick up where you left off so you don’t have to start all over again.

Targeted Area and Company Network Search
You are in control of how you go about your job search. It can be as specific and as wide as you want it to be.

Virtual Professional Profiles
Be seen and stand out in the crowd with your personalized profile to attract employersddd.sdf

Job Alerts
Receive alert when a job meeting your criteria is posted. Be the first to apply and never miss out on opportunities.



The easiest way to manage your candidates and simplify your recruiting process.

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