Applicant Tracking System

Tekruiter’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is an easy-to-use interface custom-built for providing end-to-end support during recruitment process. It incorporates recruitment automation based on a well-defined workflow to facilitate the recruiting job for our clients. 

You do not have to worry about managing a huge volume of candidate’s data as ATS provides both data management and data mining functionalities. From keeping track of the progress in the recruitment process to retrieving data of candidates, ATS offers everything.


Get an overview of the recruitment process, including all the details like available jobs, applicants, scheduled interviews, helping you keep up with your hiring needs.
Keep reminders for different events like interviews, evaluations, onboarding involved in the recruitment process through the smart ATS. 

You can streamline clients’ data to establish a smooth flow of the recruitment process. Add notes and arrange meetings with clients all at one place. 

Organize records of the candidates, schedule interviews and send emails to them through Tekruiter’s online applicant tracking system

Keep a record of the candidates and jobs to be transferred to the vendor and vice versa for ensuring a seamless recruitment mechanism. 

It includes the data of jobs related to both clients and vendors. You can organize and save jobs according to different categories and retrieve the required job anytime.

What makes Tekruiter’s Applicant Tracking System Stand Out?

Regardless of the device you are using; ATS is compatible with all screen sizes. You can also run ATS on any web browser, and there will be no decline in its functionality. 

Due to the interactive tool mechanism, ATS has minimal room for errors. From data management to retrieval, everything is designed to serve the recruitment process to the fullest. 

With the availability of multiple remote databases, you can save and retrieve data in both local and remote databases. The excellent customer service makes Tekruiter’s ATS even more, user friendly. 

The innovative options in applicant tracking software streamline workflow, helping you make fast progress in the recruitment process. 

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