Job Seeker

Tekruiter offers an excellent combination of automation and convenience for job seekers. A highly interactive job board guides the candidates to the best possible opportunities. The aspirants get access to their desired vacancies on the basis of insightful analytics ensuring the right match for everyone. With agile search and timely alerts, you have a better probability of getting employed. 

Job Search:
Tekruiter saves you from the laborious task of going through a huge pile of vacancies or visiting different job seeker websites. With a customized search, you can reach your desired vacancy faster. You can enter various filters like job title, salary, experience, etc. for goal-driven search.
Multiple Resumes:
Tekruiter’s job board gives candidates the option to integrate different resumes and they can also edit the uploaded ones. Without the hassle of preparing multiple job seeker resumes, you can explore more options. 

Timely Notifications:
Candidates remain updated about the available vacancies through alerts. They can turn on notifications for jobs of a particular niche based on different specifications. Whenever a relevant opportunity comes, an alert will be triggered ensuring that it does not get ignored. 

Social Media Access:
Tekruiter offers social media integration to job boards for providing access to a huge audience. Recruiters can post jobs that will be visible on various social media platforms and candidates can view them. It allows the job hunters to explore more employment opportunities enhancing their chances to get employed. 

From quick search to entering the required information, Tekruiter’s job board is designed to give the candidates an automated experience. With easy navigation, they can get to the required vacancy faster. You have to do minimal manual work as the interactive job board offers assistance every step of the way. 

Tekruiter's integrated job board gives candidates the luxury of finding all the desired jobs in one place. They can view different vacancies from various job portals saving a lot of time and effort. It provides a centralized location to job seekers for exploring opportunities simplifying the employment hunting process.

What makes Tekruiter stand out?

With fully customized search, real-time alerts and multiple resume posting, the candidates get the desirable convenience. 

All the innovative features enhance the probability of acquiring the desired employment offering a great on return investment. 

The centralized dashboard and faster navigation through it save a lot of time for the candidates. 

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