Job Board
Essential Features of a Job Board

With the mission of offering an ultimate recruitment platform for both recruiters and candidates, Tekruiter has the best job board mechanism. It is designed to encompass every aspect of the recruitment process and to enhance its efficiency. Due to cutting edge technology, Tekruiter is adaptive to the ever-changing needs of both recruiters and job seekers.

Job Search
Tekruiter makes it easier to search for a specific job by entering various filters like job title, experience, salary etc. Job seekers can view many jobs matching their requirements instantly through faster search.
Resume Posting
Job seekers can post multiple resumes by changing credentials. You can also integrate multiple resumes and make changes to an uploaded resume.
Both recruiters and job seekers get timely alerts during the recruitment process. A recruiter gets notified when a candidate posts an application, whereas job seekers receive alerts for jobs matching their requirements.
Job Posting
With a user-friendly design layout, Tekruiter job postings with categorization based on niche, location, salary etc. It enhances your probability of hiring a desirable candidate.
Job Import
If you are not getting a good response to a specific job vacancy, you can get assistance from a vendor. You can import the candidates’ data of that job from the vendor’s job board and approach them for recruitment.
With ingenious ATS (Applicant Tracking System), you can find out any application by entering its details, making the screening process convenient.
You can customize the layout according to your requirements. From fonts to the overall appearance, you can customize every bit.
Tekruiter gives you the luxury of keeping track of web traffic on your job board through analytics. You can get insights into traffic trends that will help you in making adjustments accordingly.

The easiest way to manage your candidates and simplify your recruiting process.


Regardless of the device you are using; ATS is compatible with all screen sizes. You can also run ATS on any web browser, and there will be no decline in its functionality.


Due to the interactive tool mechanism, ATS has minimal room for errors. From data management to retrieval, everything is designed to serve the recruitment process to the fullest.


The innovative options in applicant tracking software streamline workflow, helping you make fast progress in the recruitment process.


With the availability of multiple remote databases, you can save and retrieve data in both local and remote databases. The excellent customer service makes Tekruiter’s ATS even more, user friendly.