Qualities of a Good Resume

Every job seeker wants to know about the tips that can help him/her in getting a job. You should not see long ahead rather getting basics right enhances your probability of getting employment. Resume is the first thing that an employer sees while hiring a candidate.

The saying ‘First impression is your last impression’ is completely apt in this situation. As a candidate, you would want to leave a good image in front of your employer and resume helps you get off to a solid start.

Regardless of the field, every job seeker must design his/her resume in a way that appeals to the employer. If you are wondering about the qualities that your resume should posses, read below as it will be greatly helpful for you.

Be Concise and Concrete:

There is no employer in the world that would like to read worthless information in a resume. Therefore, it is very important to keep your resume short and sweet. You should only include information that adds value to your professional credentials rather than adding useless stuff. Do not write long stories about yourself instead give a focused overview of your professional capabilities.

Keep a Professional Appearance:

One thing that turns off an employer is the unprofessional look of a resume. You should opt for a format that makes it easier for the employer to learn about your credentials. As a candidate, you should refrain from over trying to enhance aesthetics of your resume. For example adding multiple colors and exotic texts will not make a very good impression on employers. Therefore, it is better to stick with the conventional and simple format of resume for the convenience of your employer.

Add Education and Honors:

Education is one thing that can make or break a candidate’s chances of employment. So, it is mandatory to mention your educational background in your resume as it will help the employers to make up their minds. Even if your degree is irrelevant to the job you are applying for, it is better to mention it rather than keeping an empty education section. You should also mention your academic achievements as they can leave a good impression on employers regarding your capabilities.

Share Work Experience:

The work experience of a candidate is an integral credential that can influence his/her probability of getting hired. You should mention your role and responsibilities in the previous jobs to give employer a clear idea about your work profile. Keep in mind that you cannot fool an employer by adding false work experience as he will come to know the truth sooner or later.

Mention your Skills:

It is obvious to mention your professional skills that will help you in getting the job. For example a web designer should mention the web languages and platforms he is proficient at. However, your soft skills like your professional attitude and communication skills are also worth mentioning. They can provide different personality traits of a candidate to the employers.

Add Timelines:

Giving a complete picture of your professional and educational background in your resume is essential. Therefore, you should always add time duration with your work experience and education. It will help an employer to assess your career’s trajectory and can be helpful in landing you the job.
For all the jobseekers out there, the information given above will be helpful in making a good resume that can result in getting a dream job.