Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Tekruiter has a strict privacy policy to ensure the safety of clients' information. We apply all the foolproof mechanisms to secure our database and to provide access only to authorized resources. In case of any information breach of a client or vendor, Tekruiter takes responsibility if the data is compromised at our end. Our vision is to neither allow any breach of our information nor let data of our clients and partners get compromised.

Information We Collect:

  • We collect personal information from our clients like name email address etc. to let them avail our services.
  • We collect personal information from vendors who want to partner with us.
  • We collect information from recruiting websites to facilitate in our service.

Where We Use Information?

  • We use information to create accounts.
  • We use information to sign up for email alerts.
  • We use information to upload CVs.
  • We use information for profile completion.
  • We use information to send messages and email alerts.
  • We use information for technical support and customer service.

Cookie Policy:

Cookies are the text-based pieces of information that are transferred by a website to the browsing system for record keeping. It lets the system memorize the important elements of the website that helps in making it more user-friendly.

How We Use Cookies?

  • We use cookies for getting analytics of the website.
  • We use cookies to check our users' preferences.
  • We use cookies for web-maintenance and performance enhancement of website.
  • We use cookies for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • We use cookies to secure website against cyber attacks.